Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video Of the Day

New York State Sen. Mark Grisanti (R) explains how he came to vote for marriage equality.

I can understand and appreciate the struggle that Mr. Grisanti went through before he finally came to believe in the fundamental idea that all people should have equal rights. Sometimes doing the right thing takes courage; more’s the pity.

As for all of the people who objected to the bill on religious grounds, and specifically the Roman Catholic Church: bite me. You can dress up your high dudgeon (not to mention your flaming hypocrisy) with your superstitions and threats of divine retribution from a mythological being, but it’s still bigotry. You’re a bunch of pompous and arrogant cowards who haven’t got the guts to just admit that you’re terrified of people who aren’t just like you. You own your bigotry, so at the least have the maturity to admit it.

HT to Balloon Juice.