Thursday, July 7, 2011

Extreme Excuses

George F. Will accuses President Obama of making excuses for how bad things are…

After blaming his predecessor for this and that, and after firing all the arrows in liberalism’s quiver — the stimulus, cash for clunkers, etc. — Obama seems poised to blame the recovery’s anemia on Republican resistance to simultaneously raising the debt ceiling and taxes.

…and then assesses the sorry state of the GOP field so he can make excuses as to why the Republicans will not win the presidency in 2012.

In the first place, pointing out that George W. Bush and the Republicans took a budget surplus and turned it into the worst deficit in living memory, cut taxes for the rich, started two wars without paying for them, presided over the flattest economy for job growth since Herbert Hoover, and deregulated the financial system to the point that it actively caused its own collapse isn’t making excuses; it’s stating the obvious. And pointing out that the Republicans are still trying to keep it that way isn’t making excuses; it’s holding people responsible… as in The Party of Responsibility.

Mr. Will is grappling with the possibility that the GOP choices will be between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. That is sending him and his collection of patrician bow ties into paroxysms of “Holy shit, now what?” as he prepares to blame the fiery crash of the Republicans in 2012 on them.