Monday, July 11, 2011

Gas Price Survey

As noted below, gas prices have stopped falling and are either holding steady or creeping back up, depending on where you are. On Saturday I took the Pontiac out for its quarterly run to loosen it up in preparation for a car club event in two weeks and put some gas in it. I paid $3.75 at the Shell station on the corner of Old Cutler Road and SW 168th Street, and this morning I expect to pay the same when I fill up the Mustang as I usually do on Monday mornings. That is up ten cents from last week, but still not close to the $3.89 at the Chevron in South Miami that seems to always be the most expensive per gallon in Miami-Dade County.

We are getting near the peak of the summer vacation travel season. I know a lot of people are traveling this week and next, especially a lot of parents going to either pick up their kids or drop them off at camp, or they’re loading up the car to head for the lake or the shore or somewhere in between.

So, what are you paying for gas in your part of the country, and are you planning any trips with the price of gas figuring into the equation?