Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Instant Replay

President Obama didn’t make any news tonight in his prime-time speech about the debt ceiling except point out the obvious: it’s a stalemate. About all he could do was ask the viewers to call their congresscritters.

John Boehner did a Michele Bachmann-like where’s-the-camera performance, and if you thought he was deadly dull before, he went way beyond that. He also made the claim that the president has raised the spending beyond all previous levels, which is demonstrably false (in other words, a lie), he said the president wanted to raise taxes, which is pointedly not in the Reid proposal (another lie, but who’s counting), and he tried to sell the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill as if it was a reasonable approach to the problem, which it is if you think that it’s 1911 and William Howard Taft is a radical Socialist.

I’m not sure why President Obama thought it was worth the time to make this pitch. He was clearly trying to talk over the heads of the Republicans while Mr. Boehner was talking down to us, but on the whole it was a waste of time. We’re no closer to solving the problem.