Thursday, July 21, 2011

It’s Personal

Mark Caputo at the Miami Herald reviews the bad blood between Allen West and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The dispute isn’t all about policy. It’s rooted in personal Broward County politics dating back to Wasserman Schultz’s 2010 claim that West supports denigrating women because he was a columnist for a racy South Florida biker mag. West said those remarks were false and offensive.

“She’s not a victim,” West, R-Plantation, said on Republican-leaning Fox News Wednesday morning. “She’s been attacking Allen West for quite some time. And I finally had to let her know: Enough’s enough.”

Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman from Weston, appeared later on Democrat-leaning MSNBC and repeated her talking points about the Republican plan.

“It’s not really surprising that he would crack under the pressure of having to defend that,” she said. “If he feels that concerned and gets that churned up over having to defend his position then he probably should reconsider his position.”

The clear winner: The Washington outrage machine that exploits controversies for fundraising opportunities and political points.

In my completely objective opinion, the winner here is Ms. Wasserman Schultz. She has a reputation for being tough but she’s not prone to outbursts that sound like challenges to a duel, and if Mr. West can be set off by a comparatively tame floor speech (see here), then you really have to wonder what would happen to him in a real debate. The man clearly has issues with just about everything.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Mr. West will be a one-termer who will then turn his fifteen minutes into a gig at Fox News as a senior news analyst.