Friday, July 8, 2011

Lemon Pledge

A far-right-wing religious group that has influence in the Iowa caucuses is demanding that presidential candidates sign their multipoint pledge that requires them to ban pornography, Sharia law, and just about anything else that smacks of progressive thought since 1912.

Michele Bachmann has signed it. So far, she’s the only one. Since a major part of this pledge goes in for marital fidelity, chances are they won’t let Newt Gingrich anywhere near it.

The pledge is also oddly obsessed with hating gays. Aside from all the Freudian implications (hello, Ted Haggard), I find it enlightening that folks like me, who basically just want to live our lives and be left to live them in the community without any special attention but also not be deprived of the basic rights that any law-abiding citizen is entitled to, should hold such power over these religious fanatics.

But what I find most interesting about this and all the other pledges that these right-wingers put up, including the No Tax pledge from Grover Norquist, is that there is nothing positive in any of them. They are all anti-something. Who wants to go through life with such a bunch of sourpusses? Whatever happened to the pursuit of happiness, anyway?