Friday, July 15, 2011

Not the Friday Blogaround

The Friday Blogaround featuring the writings of the Liberal Coalition is going on hiatus for a bit, and when it returns it will be revamped to feature posts from blogs outside of the LC as well as within.

The original blogaround, as conceived by NTodd back in 2003 as a part of the formation of the LC, was to highlight the writings of the group. But as time went on, members either moved away from the concept of the LC or revamped their blogs to the point that it seemed there wasn’t much of a connection between some of us. That’s not a criticism of my fellow bloggers; times change, interests expand or shift, and while I still consider the merrie band that we loosely pulled together all those years ago to be an invaluable part of this blog, I also recognize that there are new voices and perspectives to be considered as well. I would also welcome suggestions from reader or links to other blogs as a part of the new blogaround. You readers can help make that happen.

As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t the end of the LC or the blogaround. As we say in theatre, it’s not goodbye; it’s just intermission.