Friday, July 15, 2011

Note To Gov. Scott

I just got my first paycheck with the new deduction for my “contribution” to the Florida Retirement System. This was the brainchild of Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida legislature, and it amounts to over $100 a month less in my pocket. And it does not add one penny to my eventual retirement payout.

It would be one thing if the FRS was in trouble. But it is one of the most stable state pension systems in the country, and this is the first time that state employees have had to put in contributions since 1974.

The only reason the legislature did it is because they can. And they think that state government employees, like teachers, police, fire, and all of the other jobs that keep the state running, the schools open and the rest of us safe and well in this state are just a minor inconvenience. Who cares? Those aren’t real jobs, anyway.

Let me put this as politely as I can: Screw you, you big dumb right-wing corporate-hack dick-with-ears. That little deduction line that was just added to state paychecks is the first tangible sign to nearly a million people here in Florida of the damage that you and your teabagger crones and cronies have brought to the state. Your current approval rating, hovering around 27%, is going to look pretty impressive when the next election comes around.