Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Put Up Your Dukes

This should round out the field:

Add to the growing list of candidates considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012 America’s most famous white-power advocate: David Duke.

A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district until 2000, Duke has a significant following online. His videos go viral. This month, he’s launching a tour of 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. He hasn’t considered running for serious office since the early ’90s, when he won nearly 40 percent of the vote in his bid for Louisiana governor. But like many “white civil rights advocates,” as he describes himself to The Daily Beast, 2012 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year.

Former (and current) Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Confederates, and other representatives of the many wings of the “white nationalist” movement are starting to file paperwork and print campaign literature for offices large and small, pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand.

White power candidates are making inroads to running for office through the Tea Party.

Stormfront founder and radio host Don Black tells The Daily Beast the strategy is to start from the ground up, “where we have a chance of winning. It’s impossible to get into the Senate or Congress but state legislatures or smaller offices can work.” Black says the Tea Party’s influence spurred hopes among his ideological soulmates—but that the initial excitement has given way to a realpolitik sense that the Stormfront crowd will have to go it alone. “Many of our people are involved in the Tea Party,” says Black. “But much of their leadership is skittish when it comes to talking about racial realities. The Tea Party is a healthy movement but many are too conditioned to run like scared rabbits when called racists.”

But the Tea Party is totally not racist. They’ve said that their signs with President Obama depicted as a witch doctor or as a monkey had nothing whatsoever to do with his race; they were talking about healthcare, right? Can’t anybody take a metaphor? Or a joke?

Having David Duke in the mix should add a little color to the GOP primaries. BooMan notes that even if Mr. Duke doesn’t end up as the GOP nominee, his run could have an impact on other races…so to speak.

With Duke on the ballot during the primaries and caucuses, every racist asshole in the country will turn out in support of a bunch of insurrectionist white nationalist candidates for, e.g., positions on the water board and in the state assembly. When he loses the nomination, Duke declares as an independent to make sure the racist assholes come out in the general election to vote for downticket Republicans from the white nationalist movement. Voila!! Now, all of a sudden, the GOP has a bunch Nazis in positions of low to moderate power who can then move up the ranks over time.

HT to ABL at Balloon Juice.