Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reagan Democrats

It’s worth an ironic chuckle to notice that the Democrats are using testimony and soundbites from Ronald Reagan to make their case for raising the debt ceiling.

After all, Reagan presided over 18 debt ceiling hikes as President. But for a large swath of today’s House conservatives, the drive to prevent the debt ceiling from being hiked has replaced the now-forgotten push to repeal Obamacare as their number one ideological cause celebre.

Now House liberals have hit on a fun new way of emphasizing this point: They are sending a letter today to every House Republican asking them to raise the debt limit. Only the letter wasn’t written by House liberals. It was written by Reagan himself.

Compared to the Tea Party and some of the more mind-bending members of Congress, Mr. Reagan was a flaming socialist, and despite the fact that the GOP has raised the memory of the late president to mythical heights, many in the party acknowledge that he couldn’t get nominated for the presidency in his party today; he’d be too much of a moderate.