Monday, July 11, 2011

Short Takes

The budget/deficit ceiling meeting at the White House on Sunday lasted all of 80 minutes with no agreement.

An envoy from the U.S. met with the leader of Yemen and basically told him that the only way to get American aid restarted was to leave office.

Libya is showing its teeth against the rebels.

More than 101 people, including children, are missing after a boat sinks on the Volga River in Russia.

Atlantis has docked at the space station for the last time.

Gas prices aren’t falling much any more.

The dude with the tricked-out hearse and the fake weapons that snarled traffic in Miami on Friday appeared in court and didn’t really do himself any help.

The Tigers beat the Royals, Justin Verlander got his twelfth win, and the team is in first place in the division.