Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things Are Tough All Over

Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) is practically in the poor house compared to where he used to be.

Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth dropped by $115 million in 2010, but his income soared nearly 40 percent in the sluggish economy.

The hospital executive-turned-investor earned $11.5 million from investment income, interest and consulting fees, according to a recently filed financial disclosure form.

That’s more than the $8.3 million he reported in 2009 and the $3.7 million he earned in 2008.

And while the value of his $9 million beach-front home in Naples increased slightly, his net worth dropped 53 percent to $103 million in 2010.

“I spent too much on the darn campaign,” Scott joked Tuesday in Largo.

And look what we have to show for it.

Hey, I don’t begrudge the guy for making a fortune as long as he came by it honestly. And I don’t care how he spends it, either. I just wish he would make an effort to look like he’s the governor of all the people in the state, not just the ones who own houses next door to him in Naples.