Friday, July 8, 2011

Will He Or Won’t He?

The budget deal talks have Paul Krugman worried.

Mr. Obama may be pulling an anti-Corleone, making Republicans an offer they can’t accept. The reports say that the Obama plan also involves significant new revenues, a notion that remains anathema to the Republican base. So the goal may be to paint the G.O.P. into a corner, making Republicans look like intransigent extremists — which they are.

But let’s be frank. It’s getting harder and harder to trust Mr. Obama’s motives in the budget fight, given the way his economic rhetoric has veered to the right. In fact, if all you did was listen to his speeches, you might conclude that he basically shares the G.O.P.’s diagnosis of what ails our economy and what should be done to fix it. And maybe that’s not a false impression; maybe it’s the simple truth.

His points are well-taken, but until we actually know what they’re talking about, it’s all just speculation and twitterpation.

My gut tells me that it won’t be a full-blown cave to the GOP, but something — perhaps just a small bone — will get tossed to them, which will cause a massive outbreak of freakishly large headlines from the usual suspects. But right now it’s all just guessing.

And when you have people like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) who says he’s willing to default on the debt and cause “serious disruption”, it kind of makes you wonder why the president is talking to them at all.