Friday, August 26, 2011

Bobo Freakout

David Brooks is apoplectic at the prospect that Rick Perry could win the nomination and the election.

It used to be that there were many themes in the Republican hymnal. Now there is only one: Government is too big, and it needs to be brought under control. It used to be there were many threats on the horizon. Now there is only one: the interlocking oligarchy of politicians, academics, journalists, consultants and financiers who live along the Acela corridor want to rip America from its traditional moorings.

Perry is benefiting from these shifts. He does best among the most conservative voters. He has a simple and fashionable message: I will bring government under control. His persona is perfectly tuned to offend people along the Acela corridor and to rally those who oppose those people. He does very well with the alternative-reality right — those who don’t believe in global warming, evolution or that Obama was born in the U.S.

In other words, the idiots are in control of the asylum. And Mr. Brooks, after all of his enabling and not-so-subtle encouragement of the idiocracy, has no idea why.

Just remember, Mr. Brooks: when the mob comes for the intelligentsia, they’ll come after you, too. After all, to them you’re no different than all the rest of those pointy-headed elites.