Monday, August 29, 2011

Short Takes

Irene Aftermath — The Mid-Atlantic region is starting to clean up, New York City escaped a lot of damage, but upper New England got a lot of flooding.

Sounds are heard in a Chinese mine where 22 are missing.

Where’s Qaddafi? — The quest continues.

At least 29 are dead in a suicide bombing at a mosque in Iraq.

Roberto Arango, a Republican senator in Puerto Rico. has resigned over nude photos alleged to be of him were posted on a gay dating site.

Gas prices hold steady at a national average of $3.61. (In Santa Fe, they are averaging 20 cents below the average in Miami of $3.75.)

Tropical Update — TS Jose passed by Bermuda; there’s a low off Africa that could track to the west.

The Tigers got walloped by the Twins.