Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Books Week

Beware of penguins promoting the Radical Homosexual Agenda.

Justin Richardson’s and Peter Parnell’s “And Tango Makes Three” tops the list of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Top Ten List of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010. The list was released today as part of the ALA’s State of America’s Libraries Report.

“And Tango Makes Three” is an award-winning children’s book about the true story of two male Emperor Penguins hatching and parenting a baby chick at New York’s Central Park Zoo. The book has appeared on the ALA’s Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged Books for the past five years and returns to the number one slot after a brief stay at the number two position in 2009. There have been dozens of attempts to remove And Tango Makes Three from school and public library shelves. Those seeking to remove the book have described it as “unsuited for age group,” and cited “religious viewpoint” and “homosexuality” as reasons for challenging the book.

“Challenged” is the preferred term, but in reality what the blue-nose know-nothings would like to do is ban these books from the schools and libraries so children don’t get the crazy idea that not everyone — even flightless birds of the Antarctic — lives in an Ozzie and Harriet world and that it’s okay to read Brave New World and Harry Potter.

Few things in this world rankle me more than other people telling people what they can’t read. Books are the doorway to the mind, and, to quote from an often-banned play Inherit the Wind, an idea is a greater monument than a cathedral. People who think books are a threat are a greater danger to humanity than the most radical book in the library, and censorship is an assault on the intellect and intelligence that is greater than the most egregious example of harmful literature, including The Da Vinci Code.

If the prigs and the prudes want to shield their children from sex and violence in books, let them start with the Bible and its tales of lust, adultery, murder, and begatting. It beats the hell out of gay penguins.

HT to SKM.