Friday, September 16, 2011

Shifting the Burden

House Speaker John Boehner delivered a rebuttal to President Obama’s jobs bill yesterday, saying that there’s nothing wrong with the economy that a lot less regulation and tax cuts won’t cure.

Ezra Klein says that Mr. Boehner’s point wasn’t economics, anyway. His plan is yet another chapter in the GOP mantra that politics trumps everything.

It was a speech designed to offer a tight rationale of the GOP’s policy agenda. The cure for a government that overregulates, overspends and overtaxes is, of course, deregulation, spending cuts and lower taxes. That’s been the GOP’s agenda since time immemorial, it was the agenda Boehner laid out in his plan today, and it was the agenda that seemed to govern the analysis that preceded it.

It’s not that Mr. Boehner thinks Washington overregulates, overspends, and overtaxes; it’s that they do it to the wrong people. He wants to regulate women’s bodies and same-sex couples getting married, he wants to overspend on people who don’t need another tax break, and he wants to overtax the people who don’t make enough money to qualify to pay federal income taxes.

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