Friday, September 2, 2011

Term Limits

Gov. Rick Perry’s latest brain-fart is to change the Constitution to put term limits on Supreme Court justices.

Rick Perry, like other conservatives, has lots of complaints about the Supreme Court: The justices, he says, have meddled in social policy, stepped on state power and generally run amok.

One solution the governor embraces is to end lifetime tenure — a cornerstone of the Constitution, whose drafters worried far less about activist or senile judges than about meddling tyrants and political pressure.

This is one of those examples of right-wingery that I find sardonically amusing: they all want us to return to the “original intent” of the Constitution, and then they want to completely change it by repealing amendments they don’t like, such as direct election of senators (which makes you wonder what part of “democracy” they don’t understand), or hanging all sorts of new amendments on it such as banning flag burning and telling people who they can or cannot marry.