Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whip It Good

It looks like President Obama’s jobs bill is the least of John Boehner’s worries.

GOP legislation to continue funding the federal government failed in the House Wednesday by a vote of 195-230, after Democrats rejected a controversial measure to nix a popular manufacturing program to offset federal disaster aid.

A successful Democratic whip effort left Republicans without enough support in their caucus to pass the bill along party lines. Over 40 Republicans, demanding steeper cuts to federal programs, rebelled against GOP leadership.

Only six Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, a version of which must pass both chambers before September 30, or the government will shut down.

If the government does shut down next Friday, the one thing that you know will happen is that no matter what the Tea Partiers do, the GOP leadership will find a way to blame it on someone else. Gee, I wonder who.