Monday, October 3, 2011

A Dash of Culture

It took almost twenty years, but the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center is open.

The opening was the culmination of a nearly 20-year-long effort launched when South Dade leaders began planning how to rebuild the area after it was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. An arts center was high on the list of community demands. Steadfastly championed by County commissioner Dennis Moss, in the mid-2000’s the center became a central component of an ambitious, $452 million plan by the Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Council plan to build and renovate arts facilities across the county.

On Sunday, the council’s director Michael Spring was beaming at the crowd filling the plaza. “It just feels spectacular,” Spring said. “What’s particularly great is the reaction of the public here. They’re just overwhelmingly excited. We feel we’ve set off on our mission in the right way.”

The $51 million, two building complex, designed by the prestige architectural firm Arquitectonica, is a sleek, sophisticated edifice that would do any city proud.

Kudos to all involved, including a certain set designer whose work was integral to the opening gala.

(And maybe they’ll have space to do works by local playwrights…?)