Monday, October 10, 2011

Battle of the Bands

After this past weekend’s Value Voters confab and the revelation that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, the question becomes whether or not the evangelical base of the GOP has enough power to overcome the power base of the Karl Rove and Koch Brothers to get Rick Perry the nomination.

This is where it gets down to practicality versus ideology. The evangelicals may hate Barack Obama with his gay Kenyan Socialist secret Muslim leanings, but do they love the Baby Jesus enough that they will go with Rick Perry, who is a gen-you-ine Christian soldier in the battle against strange cults that have the nerve to hijack the name of the Lord in the title of their so-called Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Oh, by the way; one of the biggest complaints the evangelicals have against Barack Obama and the Democrats is that they’re religious bigots.

Irony? You’re soaking in it.