Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caught Another One — Ctd

Yet another conservative Republican has been caught hiring a guy for gay sex.

A Republican mayor in New Jersey denies that he agreed to pay a California man for sex through the website Rentboy.com, and says he doesn’t even know if the pictures posted of him in bright blue underwear are real.

Medford City Councilman and Mayor Chris Myers, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2008 against Democrat John Adler, is accused of paying the man $500 for sex during a trip to California in October 2010.

Danielle Camilli of the Burlington County Times reports that a man sent the paper a series of e-mails alleging that Myers agreed to pay him for sex, and promised him a car and a recording studio after the encounter at the Fairmount Hotel in Newport Beach, CA. The man said that Myers said he was a mayor from New Jersey, and showed him identification.

Yeah, well, we could have done without the “bright blue underwear” detail.

These guys need to get their own website — is Horny Hypocrites.com taken?