Monday, October 3, 2011

Chris Christie vs. The Crazies – Ctd.

It didn’t take long for the momentary front-runner in the GOP race to diss the new kid in town.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Herman Cain whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is too liberal to be president, citing his positions on common-sense gun laws, civil unions, immigration reform, and global warming. “Yes,” Cain responded, “I believe that a lot of conservatives, once they know his position on those things you delineated, they will not be able to support him. So I think that is absolutely a liability for him.”

Note that Mr. Cain said Mr. Christie is too liberal to be president, not just to run on the GOP ticket.

I have no love for the governor of New Jersey, but it does give you a perspective on how far the Republican field has gone off into the right-wing weeds when they think he’s too liberal to be a viable candidate at all. After all, the real Godfather of the GOP thinks he’s the next John McCain.