Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Christie’s Out

It’s not a big surprise that the governor of New Jersey decided not to run.

After a kinetic month in which some of the biggest names in American industry and Republican politics urged him to run for president, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey spent a quiet weekend at home, coming to a sobering conclusion on Tuesday: “Now is not my time.”

Whether or not it was a personal decision — he trotted out the ubiquitous need to spend time with the family — or his duty to his current job — a dig at some other governor who quit the job halfway through to rake in the fame — it’s also probably a realization that a comparatively moderate Republican — he’s in favor of some gun control and defends Muslims — wouldn’t stand a chance with the right wingers who are now running the show. He’s seen what the race does to the new kids in town (remember Rick Perry?) and thought, “Who needs it?”