Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hedging His Bets

Apparently being God doesn’t mean You can make up Your mind in picking a Republican to run for president.

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said Monday he didn’t want to run for president, but God called him to join the race.

The Republican candidate told CBN News that’s why he believes “God’s been in this from the beginning.”

Cain said that when he felt God calling him to run for president, he resisted just as Moses did after being called by God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Like Moses, Cain says he told God, “You’ve got the wrong person. You can’t be talking about me.”

Cain told CBN News that it took a lot of those “conversations with God” to overcome his reluctance to seek the presidency.

So far we’ve had Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum get the call from the Big Guy. So either He can’t decide who to back, or the candidates are confusing the Voice from Above with the one that tells them to take the last piece of pizza.

Actually, I think God is just messing with them.

HT to LGF.