Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hippie Envy

George F. Will gets all snarky and sarcastic with the OWS crowd.

Imitation is the sincerest form of progressivism because nostalgia motivates progressives, not conservatives. Tea Party Envy is leavened by Woodstock Envy — note the drum circles at the Manhattan site — which is a facet of Sixties Envy. Hence, conservatives should be rejoicing.

From 1965 through 1968, the left found its voice and style in consciousness-raising demonstrations and disruptions. In November 1968, the nation, its consciousness raised, elected Richard Nixon president and gave 56.9 percent of the popular vote to Nixon or George Wallace. Republicans won four of the next five presidential elections.

It’s so obvious; George Will like one of those closeted right-wing anti-gay congressmen who have a stash of dog-eared International Male catalogues hidden under their collection of Phyllis Schlafly paperbacks. Oh, sure; he says he’d much rather hang out with the Tea Partiers and their assault rifles strapped onto their Rascal scooters, waving a boldly misspelled racist sign, but you know that he’s just dying to throw on some love beads, blaze a doobie, and wail on the bongos. He missed out on all the fun back in the ’60’s — or he was too tragically unhip to get it then — and now he’s just cranky and jealous.

Chill out, dude.