Friday, October 28, 2011

“I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard”

Rick Perry doesn’t do well in debates, so he’s not going to do them anymore.

After a series of poor debate performances in the early months of his presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is backing off the upcoming GOP debate schedule, committing to just one of the next three events between now and Nov. 15.

Perry has struggled in the five debates he has attended since he joined the race in mid-August. At one, he fumbled an attempt to cast rival Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper. At another, bickering between Romney and Perry drew criticism that the candidates were acting juvenile.

Perry hinted at his frustration with the debates earlier this week when he told Fox News that participating in them was a “mistake.”

“These debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates,” Perry said. “…All they’re interested in is stirring it up between the candidates.”

Well, who in the world ever thought they were going to be Socratic dialogues or the TV version of Lincoln-Douglas? They’re phony, they’re shallow, but then again, so are the people who participate in them. Mr. Perry threw himself into this circus, and now that he doesn’t like how he’s doing, he’s taking his ball and going home.

For all this tough-guy talk we got about executin’ and shootin’ coyotes, he’s remarkably thin-skinned.