Friday, October 7, 2011

Job None

Which is more aggravating; the Republicans on Capitol Hill simply refusing to do anything at all with President Obama on the jobs bill, or the reporters and pundits who keep asking him why he’s not compromising with them? Steve Benen sums it up.

The president has pleaded with congressional Republicans, more times than the White House would like to admit, to work with him on good faith — not just on economic issues, but on anything. It’s proven to be pointless. Indeed, it’s been worse than pointless — the failed outreach has occasionally made Obama look weak; it’s infuriated his base; and Republicans have, without fail, refused to meet him anywhere close to half-way. As the president said this morning, “I’m also dealing with a Republican Majority Leader who said that his number-one goal was to beat me — not put Americans back to work, not grow the economy, not help small businesses expand, but to defeat me. And he’s been saying that now for a couple of years.”

Hell, on more than a few occasions, Obama has endorsed GOP ideas, only to discover that they no longer support their own policies if the president agrees with them.

And yet they keep asking why he’s not dealing with them; why is he calling out Eric Cantor and John Boehner by name like some kind of gangsta?

The president is now on the offensive, holding up the Do-Nothing Congress as the very large target. Some think he’s little late to take them on like this, but given the short attention span of the news cycle and the fact that most people aren’t really paying attention unless they have to, his timing may serve him well. After all, the people who are unemployed or still struggling to make ends meet can see that it’s Congress, not the president, who is holding up passing the bill. And after all the “jobs-jobs-jobs” chatter from Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor last year, they haven’t done bupkus except piss and moan about how mean the president has been to them and won’t offer to compromise. That was after they pronounced the bill D.O.A.

But according to Chris Matthews and Bill Plante of CBS News, it’s a mystery as to why the president won’t play with them anymore.