Wednesday, October 5, 2011

National Brotherhood Week

Updated below.

Pam Geller, who led the fatwah against the Park51 Islamic Center in New York (mistakenly called the “Ground Zero mosque” since it is neither at Ground Zero nor is it a mosque, and it opened without much notice last month), has been linked to an anti-Muslim activist who is calling for the murder of anyone who ever said a nice thing about Muslims.

The anti-Muslim activist John Joseph Jay has issued a call for the mass murder of the leadership of both parties in Congress, the governors of seven states, and prominent academics, along with a demand to “burn all mosques. period.”

Jay helped in the founding of anti-Muslim activist Pam Geller’s group American Freedom Defense Initiative. AFDI is the umbrella organization of the prominent Stop the Islamization Of America (SOIA). Jay’s signature can be seen below those of Geller and fellow arch anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer on AFDI’s incorporation document (PDF), as Charles Johnson at LGF pointed out. The P.O. Box listed for Jay is also the same as Geller’s.

Ms. Geller’s response: I never heard of the guy.

But Roseanne Barr said “off with their heads” about Wall Street bankers, so there. Oh, and Al Gore is fat.

(Of course I have to include Tom Lehrer’s tribute to brotherhood.)

Update: Mr. Jay is vowing to “write no more forever” after being dissed by his friends.

i am despised by the left. toxic to my friends, those who remain. and, seemingly either ridiculous or not of interest to all others, just not relevant in any particular, it would seem.

True to form, he later updated that post. Now he’s finally stopped. Really. He means it this time.