Friday, October 7, 2011

Not Ready For Cosmo

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) may have some work to do with the women voters after this little “lighthearted” jab at Elizabeth Warren.

At a Democratic primary debate this week, Warren was asked how she paid for college — in contrast to Brown having posed nude for Cosmopolitan. “I kept my clothes on,” Warren replied. “I borrowed money.”

This morning, one of the hosts asked Brown: “Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?”

Brown began laughing lightheartedly, and gave his reply. “Thank God,” he said, with more laughter.

“That’s what I said!” the host responded. “Hey look, can you blame a good-looking guy for, for — you know.”

This isn’t Mr. Brown’s first foray into using women as the punchline for his jokes. On the night he was elected in January 2010, he said his daughters were “available,” much to their visible and vocal embarrassment.

He’s barely — pun intended — one step ahead of “My wife — I think I’ll keep her.” But as Charlie Pierce notes, he can’t help himself. He’s just a creep.