Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short Takes

Afghanistan — The UN reports that some prisoners have been tortured in detention camps.

New Zealand — The oil spill from a wrecked container ship is now “the country’s ‘most significant maritime environmental disaster.'”

A decade later, there are lots of questions about the pursuit of the anthrax killer.

Wall Street had a good day after plans were announced in Europe to stabilize the debt crisis.

California bans open-carrying of handguns.

Broward Schools could be selling naming rights to schools.

The weekend rains in South Florida helped put a dent in our drought.

Tropical Update — Hurricane Jova is a Category 3 heading for the west coast of Mexico. The disturbance over Florida moved west.

The Tigers lost in the 11th to Texas; they head to Detroit for Game 3. Meanwhile, the Lions remained undefeated by beating the Bears.