Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simple For Most Of Us

Rick Perry made some news when he came out with his plan to simplify the tax code and get away from all the complicated rules and regulations.

I guess Mr. Perry has never heard of the 1040-EZ. As Bryan notes, all it requires is your W-2 and your basic information. It works for about 99% of the taxpayers who don’t have a bunch of loopholes and Schedule C’s and D’s and whatever. For the rest of us who don’t need a tax lawyer and an accountant, you can file electronically either over the phone or via the internet. There’s also commercial software like Turbo Tax; the only problem with that is that you have to spend most of the time dodging sales pitches from Intuit.

So the only people for whom the tax code is complicated are the ones who are doing their best to avoid paying taxes in the first place.