Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Is A Test…

I know I’ve pretty much ignored Glenn Beck for, well, pretty much forever, but this is just plain funny: he’s freaked out about a national test of the Emergency Broadcast System.

You remember EBS; they are the annoying tones that radio and TV stations play, usually in the middle of a song or at the climax of a TV drama, to make sure they can get the word out about a tornado, a hurricane, or another emergency. It’s usually done on a local level, but on November 9 the FCC and FEMA are planning a national test. Well this has set Glenn off. He thinks it’s the precursor to a takeover of the national networks by the government, followed by jack-booted thugs in black helicopters coming into every city and town and forcing people into same-sex marriage and other abominations.

I think the FCC and FEMA are doing this to just mess with him. It’s like playing throw the invisible ball with a dog; they always fall for it.

HT to Steve M.