Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Big To Flail

The conservatives are trying to counter We Are The 99% with a brand of their own.

We are the 53% is supposed to provide a counterpunch to the now famous and emotionally powerful We are the 99%. 53%, for those not steeped in the conservative closed information loop, refers to the number of Americans who pay federal income taxes, to be contrasted with the supposedly lucky duckies among the 47% of Americans who don’t.

The fact that the bottom 47% of Americans are too poor to pay federal income taxes doesn’t bother conservatives. Nor does the fact that even if they did, they have so little income that it wouldn’t do much for the federal budget if they did. Nor apparently does it bother them that by making this argument they are playing “class warfare” of the middle class against the poor, and essentially advocating for raising taxes. That was supposed to be against “conservative” beliefs, last I checked.

Most of all, the bottom 47% pay all sorts of other taxes, including sales, social security and payroll taxes that end up taking up as great a percentage or more of their income as the total tax burden for any other group. So the idea that 47% of Americans are skating by on the backs of 53% of Americans is ludicrous in the first place.


These are people so steeped in their own conservative bile that they call themselves part of the 53% without even knowing what the “53%” means in context, to say nothing of why the statistic is bogus.

And most of them, unless they have a source of income that they’re not telling us about, probably fall into the 47% category. But hey, it gets them a spot on Fox News and lets America see “real” Americans — mostly white males — who have been so oppressed by the people they profess to respect that the best thing you can say about them is that they’re probably too blinded by the right to be aware of the fact that they got ripped off.