Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To Work

Wow, that was fast; the first holiday weekend went by like it was in a hurry to get gone, despite my attempts to make it last as long as possible, with a trip to the Keys and two fantastic dinners with friends. All the leftovers are gone from my place, including the box of crackers that I got to go with the three cheeses (brie, cheddar, and Gouda) that I took to Saturday night’s feast.

I topped off the weekend with an orgy of crosswords and the Lord of the Rings marathon on Encore. This time they ran the extended version, including scenes that were cut from the theatrical releases. And now that Comcast is pushing their HD channels, I really need to look at an HD TV. Gee, I wonder if they’re on sale now. (Suggestions welcome; maximum budget is $300, and I’m looking for 32″ so I can see it in my relatively small viewing area.)

This is Cyber Monday, so those of you with access to the net at work can do your shopping now. The best part is that you won’t need pepper spray to ward off competitive shoppers.

Let the countdown begin: 14 working days until Winter Break.