Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain’s Very Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day for Herman Cain.

Sharon Bialek alleged at a news conference today that Herman Cain reached under her skirt in 1997 as she sought help in finding a job.

The Chicago-area mother, described by her lawyer as a registered Republican, urged the GOP presidential candidate to “come clean” and admit how he was “inappropriate” with her and other women.

Bialek’s story was immediately denied by the Cain campaign, which sent out a news release as the woman spoke publicly at a New York City news conference with her lawyer, noted defense attorney Gloria Allred, by her side.

The stories of three other women have been reported by Politico and the Associated Press.

Last night a fifth woman came forward to say that she too had been assaulted by Mr. Cain.

Mr. Cain’s defenders immediately attacked Ms. Bialek of being a plant by the librul media on behalf of the Obama campaign to destroy the Cain candidacy and worse (why, yes, Rush Limbaugh did have something misogynistic to say; why do you ask?).

It goes without saying that when it’s a Democrat who is accused of sexual assault, the women who go public are brave and virtuous defenders of morality who only want to see justice done and character stood up for. If it’s a Republican, she’s a tramp or worse who is only out for the fame and the money.

So far, the news of Mr. Cain’s problems have not hurt his standing in the polls. In fact, he’s still in the lead, and he’s raking in more money. It’s gotten to the point that Newt Gingrich is shopping around for another wife just to boost his standings.