Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s A Gift

Mitt Romney’s first campaign commercial contains such a blatantly out-of-context quote from President Obama when he was a candidate in 2008 that PolitiFact rated it as “Pants-On-Fire” and Andrew Breibart should sue for copyright infringement.

The Romney campaign defended the ad by saying “He did say the words. That’s his voice.” Okay, if you want to play that game, ThinkProgress offers their version of Mitt Romney in his own words.

This is one of those ads that the campaign won’t have to pay to air on any TV station. It gets attention by being so outrageous that it goes viral. Every campaign hopes for something like that — it gets buzz for free — but in this case, the buzz is that the Romney campaign’s first ad is such a turd that it will backfire and make them look desperate. Not only that, it will make it hard for the campaign to try to backtrack and put out serious ads with a grown-up message later on. This is the one that will stick, and it’s a gift to the Obama campaign.

I also have every confidence that today, true to flip-flop form, the Romney campaign will disavow any knowledge of the ad.