Thursday, December 1, 2011

Newtmentum In Florida

After giving Herman Cain the once-over, Florida GOP voters are now liking Newt Gingrich.

Two new polls are out for the Republican primary race in Florida — with both of them showing Newt Gingrich suddenly jumping into a huge lead.

And remember: Because Florida jumped the primary calendar to Jan. 31, throwing its weight around as a large swing state, this primary is a big one.

The numbers from Public Policy Polling (D): Gingrich 47%, Romney 17%, Herman Cain 15%, Ron Paul 5%, Michele Bachmann 4%, Jon Huntsman 3%, Rick Perry 2%, Rick Santorum 1%, and Gary Johnson 0%.


And from InsiderAdvantage (R): Gingrich 41%, Romney 17%, Cain 13%, Perry 7%, Paul 4%, Bachmann 3%, and Santorum 0.5%. (Huntsman and Johnson were not listed.)

It’s not that every Florida GOP’er suddenly sees Mr. Gingrich as a bastion of stability and purity — see this ad that Ron Paul is posting. It’s that they don’t like Mitt Romney at all. Otherwise why would they be running around trying to find anyone else?

Get ready for the Santorum Surge. (Yeah, I know; Google “Santorum” at your peril.)