Monday, December 19, 2011

Only A Matter of Time

I’m a little surprised that it’s taken this long for some Tea Partier to come out and say it.

On Sunday, many Facebook users were greeted by the shocking spectacle of a California libertarian and Ron Paul supporter by the name of Jules Manson advocating for the assassination of President Barack Obama. Manson, a failed politician, recently ran for and lost a seat on the City of Carson’s City Council last March.

The following is the text of Manson’s racist, treasonous, deplorable post:

“Assassinate the f—– n—– and his monkey children”

Manson posted the disturbing and openly racist call to assassinate Obama and Obama’s children on his own Facebook wall, which was open to the public. Manson, a Ron Paul libertarian, was angry with Obama over a policy matter.

Manson removed the obnoxious post, but numerous Facebook users, outraged by the despicable threat, captured an image of the threat before Manson had the good sense to take it down.

Two hours after making the offensive post, and after being bombarded by hundreds of Facebook users outraged by his racist call to assassinate the leader of the free world, Manson made a bizarre Facebook post, presumably in the hopes of justifying his unjustifiable rant. There Mason argued that using the word “n—–” does not make him a racist. However, most reasonable people would disagree with Manson’s assertion.

See, I told you the Tea Party is totally not racist.

Update: Reached for comment at San Quentin prison where he’s serving a series of life terms, mass murderer Charles Manson disavowed any connection with Jules Manson, saying he was not related to “that nutcase.”

(Okay, I made that last part up. But you get the idea.)