Monday, December 5, 2011

Sucker Punching

An anonymous Democratic strategist to the Washington Post on the threat Newt Gingrich poses to President Obama:

“He does not carry Wall Street baggage,” said one Democratic strategist working on the Obama reelection effort, speaking on the condition of anonymity to freely discuss his thinking. “He’s really smart. He’s definitely authentic.”

I can’t decide if this latest paroxysm of Democratic thinking is one more example of their perpetual self-doubt or if they’re really trying to get the GOP to nominate Mr. Gingrich in order to set him up to beat the snot out of him in the same way the New York Yankees talk earnestly about the threat the Chicago Cubs pose to them in the World Series. (Not that I’m down on the Cubbies, but hey, what else you got?)

Just to be clear, Mr. Gingrich may not have Wall Street baggage, but he’s ass-deep in Louis Vuitton from K Street not-lobbying. He may be ‘really smart’ (depending on your definition of “smart”), but for someone with a PhD. in history, as he keeps reminding us, his grasp of the subject is skewed so badly to the right-wing orthodoxy that his interpretation reminds me of the old Soviet history books that tell us the Russians invented the telephone and baseball. As for authenticity, there’s a point when you really get tired of hearing him tell us how modestly wonderful he is and that he screwed around on his wives because he’s a patriot: “I got laid for my country!”

Given the Mighty Wurlitzer of Fox News and the right-wing Orcosphere, any Republican candidate has the chance of beating President Obama, but this kind of background chatter sounds more like setting Mr. Gingrich up for a giant sucker punch.

At least I hope so.