Monday, December 5, 2011

The Next Anyone-But-Mitt

TPM is reporting that Republicans are giving Jon Huntsman a second look.

As they continue their desperate quest to find an alternative candidate to Mitt Romney, conservatives are starting to come around to Huntsman, the former governor of Utah and Obama ambassador to China who kicked off his campaign with a full-throated endorsement of the Ryan Budget.

That went largely unheard thanks to a campaign strategy that positioned Huntsman as a moderate and therefore anathema to this cycle’s GOP primary electorate. Now, perhaps, that’s changing.

Now that Herman Cain is out of the way, it’s Mr. Huntsman’s turn, I guess.

As for Mr. Romney, he reminds me of the rich but klutzy kid that was always last to be picked for the baseball team in middle school sports. Even if he had the newest and neatest mitt, they still don’t want him.