Friday, December 30, 2011

With Friends Like These

In a story that only the Very Serious People could care about, the word is that one of President Obama’s problems is that he’s not a schmoozer in Washington. Oh, the humanity.

Charlie, over to you.

Nobody of whom I’m aware ever thought of President Obama as Mr. Happy Fun Guy. The last guy, you may recall, was bouncy and gregarious and handed out alpha-male frat-boy nicknames, and then he got in there and screwed up the country. Moreover, if there are five people of value who still care what James Carville — let alone Gerald Rafshoon — thinks about anything, I don’t know them. But perhaps the singular failure of this particular “White House Memo” is its argument that things would be better all around if the president had “reached out” to the Congress. Good god, there are even some Democrats in there saying it, which is a very good indication of the problems the president has, none of which will be solved by some discreet hand-holding over the canapes at Ben and Sally’s.

We’ve heard this complaint from the Beltway before; the last time was about the Clintons, who were portrayed as the Your Worst Nightmare: White Trash with Money, and before that, Jimmy Carter, who was seen as too uptight and Jesusy to hang out with the vodka-and-tonic crowd. With the Obamas, the reaction seems to be along the lines of “What makes them so uppity that they can’t be seen to be tipping their hat to us?”

Frankly, if the Obamas would rather not suck up to the Washington Kool Kidz, that’s a feature, not a bug.