Monday, January 2, 2012

All Good Things…

Today is my last day of winter break before going back to the hurly-burly of early rising, early blogging, and back to work. It’s been a nice break that would have been nicer had I not been sick for most of it. True to form, the last vestiges of my cold are going away, although I still have congestion in my head to the point that the hearing in my right ear is basically off-line.

As I noted someplace else — Facebook, I think — being sick turns my creative juices to sludge, so I didn’t get much work done on writing the new play, although I did get a lot of sketching and thinking done, so that when I do actually put pixels to screen it will be better than before. And I did get a chance to do some work around the house that had been neglected for a while, so there’s a small sense of accomplishment there.

Anyway, I’ve got last-minute errands to do today, so enjoy the “minor holiday” that is today along with the bowl games and the Rose Parade, and I’ll see you later.