Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Stubborn

I’m going to write something tomorrow morning about the results tonight, but I’m too tired to spend much more time than these sentences on it. I’m watching Rachel Maddow, who seems like she’s chugged a couple of Red Bulls with her enthusiasm for the process.

I have a lot of friends from Iowa, it’s a very nice state, it’s surprisingly progressive — Tom Harkin and it’s voted for the Democrat in a lot of recent presidential elections — but the Republican caucuses bring out the whackos, so the person who wins the GOP caucuses tonight will be some loathsome right-wing ideologue who is big on dissing anybody who isn’t white, straight, and Murican, and if you’re a woman, why, the best thing you can do is stand by your man and churn out babies like a photocopier at Kinko’s.

Prove me wrong.