Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memo To David Brooks



Thanks for your note about how liberals need to restore trust in themselves and their own institutions before “America” will sign up for their policies. However, there are a couple of points you conveniently overlooked.

— You may think that liberal policies and the number of people who support them are “flat or in decline,” but actually, support for so-called liberal ideas such as marriage equality, women’s rights, environmental protection, and controlling climate change are on the rise and have been going up steadily for the last twenty years. It has very little do to with politics, though; it’s because “America” is evolving, and even if the right-wing loons don’t believe in it, it is happening.

— It’s laughably hypocritical of you to say that liberals are losing because they have destroyed trust in government and there is no leader to storm the castle of Republican corruption and restore trust in our institutions. You’re telling us this after a year of absolute paralysis at the hands of the Republican House leadership whose sole purpose in life is to defeat the incumbent president, and three years after the end of a presidency that was so riddled with political shenanigans from the White House to the Justice Department that Nicolai Machiavelli flipped over in his grave and said, “Whoa, too rough for me.”

— Based on the current crop of people running for the GOP presidential nomination, please don’t feel as if you and the Republicans have any standing to tell anyone else how to pick a leader.

And lastly, don’t put the burden of restoring trust in government on the Democrats alone. The right wing has spent most of your adult life demonizing everything to the left of Ronald Reagan as evil, anti-Christian, and venal. And that was before Bill Clinton and Barack Obama showed up on the scene. So it seems a tad disingenuous to complain about how terrible the place looks after you’ve just spent all this time trashing it. That’s like a German tourist wandering into Warsaw in 1946 and saying, “Hey, what did you do to all the synagogues?”