Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitt the Grinder

David Brooks laments, Don’t hate Mitt Romney because he’s rich.

All his life, Romney has been a worker and a grinder.

He’s not a rich guy; he’s a sandwich.

Oh, and it’s not his fault that he’s a Mormon, either. You see, we can’t know about his family’s struggle against persecution because of their faith because we can’t remind the voters that he’s one of those.

Mitt Romney can’t talk about his family history on the campaign trail. Mormonism is an uncomfortable subject. But he must have been affected by it.

It is a story of relentless effort, of recovery and of being despised (in their eyes) because of their own success. Romney himself experienced none of this hardship, of course, but Jews who didn’t live through the Exodus are still shaped by it.

And we can’t talk of his ancestors fleeing to Mexico and his father’s birth there because it calls into question the whole birther thing… oh, wait, that doesn’t apply to Republicans.

The problem isn’t Mitt Romney’s money or how he got it. It’s that he’s clueless about how other people perceive him. And it doesn’t help when he implies that people who knock him for being way the hell out of touch with the rest of us are either just jealous or Commies.

If Mitt Romney ever truly was “a worker and a grinder,” he’s forgotten what it’s like… or he hated every minute of it and thinks anyone who still has to struggle to make ends meet is a chump. His faux-concern about the middle class and his weak jokes about being unemployed prove that not only doesn’t he get it, he really wouldn’t care if he did.