Monday, January 23, 2012

Neutral Jeb

After a flurry of rumors that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would endorse Mitt Romney, he’s telling Bloomberg News that he’s staying neutral in the primary next week.

The younger Bush described both Romney and Gingrich as “credible” candidates in a November contest with President Barack Obama. “I intend to help whoever wins the nomination,” the former governor said in the interview yesterday.

He also admonished the party not to form a circular firing squad and to please “start appealing to a broader audience.” Okay, obviously Mr. Bush has not been paying attention for the last few years. What works now in the modern GOP is demonization, demagoguery, and fear-mongering. And that’s just between the candidates.

If Jeb is sniffing around for a VP interview (see below), then he’s not as smart as everyone says he is. (Of course, given his family, “smart” is a relative term.) He should know that his name is toxic — how many times have you heard any GOP candidates align themselves with the policies of W? — so adding a Bush to the ticket would be like introducing the 2012 Edsel at the Detroit Auto Show. But then, he’s seeing Newt Gingrich, the thrice-married adulterous hypocrite who was tossed out of his own party for serial douchebaggery, soaring in the polls, so he must think the (R) behind his name stands for Redemption, not Ridiculous.