Monday, January 9, 2012

Race To the Bottom

The GOP Speaker of the Kansas House, one Mike O’Neal, sent out an e-mail over the holidays that referred to Michelle Obama as “Mrs. YoMama,” and compared her to the Grinch. Another e-mail quotes from the Bible that sure sound like a threat against the president’s life. He has since apologized, stating in part that he thought it was funny and he just wanted to share.

The GOP gets its tail all puffed up when anyone suggests that they are racially insensitive and, in a lot of cases such as this, just plain racist. But there’s not a whole lot of difference between this Kansan’s blatant racism and Newt Gingrich telling the NAACP that all black people are on food stamps or Rick Santorum not wanting to help the blah people with other peoples’ money; Mr. O’Neal was just more juvenile and crude. At this point, the niceties and the discernment really don’t matter.