Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks For the Memory

Four years ago tonight I was in New York City for a very special occasion.

I am now a New York-produced playwright.

I’ll always remember that night, not just because I was able to add a New York credit to my resume, but because I met a group of people who only knew me through the words on a page, and they did a great job of making what I wrote and the characters I created come to life. It’s every playwright’s dream to have their work on the stage and be what you meant when your wrote it, and they did it.

Thanks again, Gary, Tom, Will, Mary, and especially Rachel as both Anna and the producer. Thanks also to Adam for for his spot-on direction, Debbie for the sound, and Tamas for sets and lights.

One of the reasons I’m remembering that night is that there stirrings for another production. I won’t jinx it by going into detail, but it looks like it might happen. Here’s hoping… and hoping the next time is as much of a thrill as the first time.