Monday, January 9, 2012

Trailer Trash

Not content to just call Mitt Romney names on Sunday morning TV, Newt Gingrich’s allies at the SuperPAC Winning Our Future have come up with a “documentary” about the evils of crony capitalism and the decimation of poor white folk by the unfeeling and stampeding rich folk. Class warfare, anyone?

TPM has the trailer for this epic work of cinemagraphic art. It’s got everything from dark clouds, scary music, and a voice-over straight out of the legendary “In a world…” heritage that is meant to make you stop munching your popcorn while you wait for the main feature to begin.

A couple of observations: this piece could have been done by the Obama campaign if they had Wes Craven as their communications director, and when the general election gets going at full speed this kind of SuperPAC cinema will be all over the bandwidths to the point that this little offering will seem like a spot for ShamWow.